Ligman Lighting's Quantum Floodlight (model UQA-500XX).

Quantum Floodlight

Model#: UQA-500XX      Ratings:   IP66   Class II   F   CE   IK08   ETL   

Quantum small, medium and large LED floodlight range with a modern and smart design. The high pressure die-cast housings have integrated heat sinks, as well as a internal waterproof control gear housing compartment. The mounting arm is attached to a ratcheting tilting adjustment that is lockable once the desired aiming position has been achieved. This mechanism allows for small incremental adjustments for precision aiming. This fixture has been designed around powerful high performance LEDs and precision optics so that the luminaire can be used to illuminate various applications from building facades to high multi story surfaces and accents. This luminaire range is available with RGBW dynamic color changing technology to give the specifier artistic lighting options within the same unified product family.RGBW full colors render for each LEDs. Single cable gland entry for wiring is standard. Optional anti-glare louvers are available as an option. Consult factory for available configurations.

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