Ligman Lighting's Oregon (model UOR-608XX).


Model#: UOR-608XX      Ratings:   IP68   Class II   CE   ETL   

A high powered compact recessed LED underwater projector for lighting small ponds,waterfalls and water jets. The floodlight must be submerged when operating. Stainless steel grade 316 body, stainless steel screws. Cable entry PG.11 cable gland supplied with 7ft of outdoor submersible #18/3 SOOW 600v power cable. Durable high temperature memory retentive silicon gasket and clear tempered vandal resistant glass. Remote low voltage driver required to be installed by others. Luminaire is provided with electronic waterproof driver for remote mounting. Lifetime 50,000 Hours. A variety of beam spreads are available to suit the application requirements. Maximum depth 6.5'. suitable for recessed mount. Recessing box in PVC is included. Remote driver is included and required to be installed by others. Remote IP gear box by contractor. This luminaire is constant current type and need connecting in series system.

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