Ligman Lighting's Odessa Floodlight (model UOD-501XX).

Odessa Floodlight

Model#: UOD-501XX

The Odessa family of floodlights have a modern aesthetic design and are a perfect lighting solution for large size spotlight and floodlight requirements. The floodlights can be aimed and locked in place to highlight specific features or elements in the environment, as well as provide security when illuminating dark areas on campuses and parks.

This large range of high performance LED floodlight luminaires provides a robust design for demanding applications such as recreational areas, public spaces and architectural structures. The luminaire has integrated heat sinks to facilitate LED cooling, as well as an integral driver. Luminaire has optional accessories, such as a ground spike, visors, louvres, and linear spread lenses.

For non standard fixture variations, as well as specific reflector requirements, please contact the factory. 3 mounting options are available, namely yoke mount, pedestal and 1/2” threaded knuckle system with a fully rotatable with locking screw option for after installation aiming.


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