Ligman Lighting's Mic 1, 3 and 5 Floodlight (model UMI-50XXX, UMI-500XX, UMI-501XX).

Mic 1, 3 and 5 Floodlight

Model#: UMI-50XXX, UMI-500XX, UMI-501XX      Ratings:   IP65   CE   IK07   ETL   

A small, medium and large range of floodlights designed to use high power LEDs. This luminaire has specialized optics that have been designed by Ligman, in conjunction with internationally recognized optic designers to provide excellent light control, beam distribution and intensitites by focusing each optic around teh small LEDs to provide perfect focus and distribution. This luminaire can be provided with a variety of anti-glare and light control attachments. The aim and lock feature provides a sturdy mechanism that allows for precise fixture aiming and locking into position. The waterproof driver box is situated at the bottom of the luminaire and has all the necessary gasketing to ensure a watertight compartment for dirvers and wiring. This fixture is provided with a specially designed internal waterproof gland for incoming power. The fixture is suitable for mouning on walls, concrete surfaces and is also available with a ground spike. These floodlights are designed to illuminate plants, architectural details and sign boards. 

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