Ligman Lighting's Lador Wall Light (model ULD-300XX).

Lador Wall Light

Model#: ULD-300XX      Ratings:   IP65   CE   IK08   ETL   

A range of square outdoor IP66 wall sconce that meets both aesthetic and functional applications. This cubic wall sconce range is available with 4 different sizes, starting with a small 2.4" square profile , and increases proportionately to 3", 4.5"and 5.5" square. This glare free luminaire is available in Narrow beam, Medium, Wide, Very Wide and Elliptical beam patterns. This luminaire is engineered to meet harsh outdoor environments, as well as being able to be used as a decorative indoor product. The Lador is provided with an integral driver and has accessories that include; dichroic color filters, linear spread lens, honeycomb louvres and anti-glare visors. The Lador product family consists of; floodlights, wall sconces, ceiling mounted squares and cluster column event poles. This luminaire is available with a natatorium rated coating.

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