Ligman Lighting's KWH Wall Sconce (model UKWH-300XX).

KWH Wall Sconce

Model#: UKWH-300XX

A slim shaped wall light with a variety of different distributions to suit all lighting designer’s requirements. The KWH can be utilized to suit specific light patterns using the asymmetrical type II, III, IV and symmetrical lens optics, as well as variations of these for precise light distribution requirements. An example of this is using a combination of Type II & Type IV distribution optics inside the same fixture.

Type V distributions in medium, wide, very wide & extra wide are also available. These fixtures are adjustable, and can also be aimed as floodlights to provide focus lighting in specific areas, as well as facade lighting. This luminaire is suitable for most applications and complies to dark sky requirements when mounted in the horizontal position. Designed for lighting private roadways, car parks, exhibition areas, service stations and truck stops.

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