Light planning & Lighting calculation

Lighting plays an enormous part in our perception, our environment, our safety, and our well being. Light can identify, enhance or conceal our experience. Lighting can generate identity, security and aesthetics. At Ligman, we have experts with different areas of expertise in Lighting planning and calculation. As well, we have a team of experienced architects and engineers to give advice on project planning and calculations. It is our aim to utilize lighting design and planning to create beautiful illuminated and functional environments through electrical and lighting planning, calculations, realistic rendering and visualization. When we do lighting planning and calculations, we take into account the need for function and visual comfort, experience and financial considerations.

Realistic Lighting Visualization


If you need a realistic lighting scene for visualization, Ligman can accommodate your requirement with our in house 3Dimensional experience and fully equipped design team. Our team is trained and eager to take on any sophisticated design job for your large or small projects. We strive to maintain the realistic visualization through a computer generated rendering and illumination mathematical calculations.

Lighting Design Support

So, if you ever need support in your lighting design and or general question, we do have the capability and the great team to accomplish all the tasks that you need.

At Ligman we bring you the Quality of Light.